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Help Us With A Small Donation

We need your help! Donate to save our horse herd!

Donate as little as $2.95 a month or help us with a bigger donation. We understand that not everyone can give a lot but rest assured what you do give goes directly to the care of the herd and other animals in the sanctuary.

Horse Halloween

We are working very hard to maintain or animal rescue after the passing of my husband our funds are at a point where we need help from all the animal lovers. Especially anyone that has a passion for horses.

Our Horse Herd & Other Animals Need Your Help!

Our herd of horses currently consists of 22 horses and we need your help to keep them fed! We have a large variety of ages in the herd from all to very young animals that have no place to go but Paws, Hoofs & Claws. Please help us maintain them with a small monthly donation from $4.95 a month to $29.95 depending on what you are comfortable with giving.

For corporate sponsors please contact us for details.

PAWS, HOOFS & CLAWS which is a Nonprofit Corporation (501-C3)

I have rescued animals all my life. When I was a child living in Austria I rescued many dogs, cats some wild birds and a few deer.

Animals are very close to my heart and sometimes it is almost unbearable to see the pain and suffering they have to endure.

If I would be granted a wish, I would wish that animal rescue would not be necessary anymore because cruelty and neglect towards animals and people would not exist any longer.

If you wish to help the animals please donate via paypal